As a result of our bachelor thesis on the traces of colonialism, we developed a pop-up exhibition addressing the overrepresentation of negative descriptions of Africa that have been passed on through generations in forms of clichés and prejudices, firmly ingraining themselves in our ways of thinking. 
Our perception is distorted by generalization, ignorance, disinterest, and the constant repetition of centuries-old stereotypes. Poverty, corruption, civil wars, hunger, and death are words that we often hear in connection with Africa. Colonialism is a system of domination and violence that still shapes our thoughts and actions — whether it’s consciously or unconsciously. This exhibition makes all these aspects visible and motivates people to rethink their thought patterns. 
2022/23 ❋  Bachelor Thesis  ❋ Team: Mitra Asghari, Jannis Braun ❋ supervision: Prof. Michael Götte, Prof. Hans Krämer 
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